Holiday Gift Guide

If you know me you know that Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. Everything from the decor to gift giving, I love it all! I'm definitely one of those people that would gladly give a gift than receive one. Not only that, but I love giving gifts that have a personal touch to them. Gift cards and cash are nice but when you can personalize a gift it makes it that much more of a surprise for the person you're giving to! Over the last couple of years I've tried to really think about the gifts that I give. For example, my dad is an avid coffee drinker and he loves family. An easy gift would be a mug with some quote about family on it but he can just buy that himself anytime during the year. So, to make it special, last year I bought him a mug with a bunch of family photos on it. I designed it with Shutterfly and it turned out beautifully! It's something he uses all the time now! I've gotten a lot of compliments in the last couple of years because of this new way of gift giving so I wanted to share some ideas with you all in case you're like me and are finally bored with giving gift cards and cash! I can't talk about a gift guide without talking about wrapping paper too! Last year I discovered that Marshalls, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx blow Target's wrapping paper out of the water. I'm not just talking about quality but they have way better designs than Target has ever had in my opinion. Take a look at some of what I've done the last few Christmases.

First things first, if you're having a hard time coming up with creative ideas you should jump on Pinterest! There are so many fun ideas that people have come up with and you can adjust their ideas how ever you need to to make it special for the person you're giving to. I have a board full of ideas and I'm constantly pinning new ideas to it throughout the year because gift giving isn't just for Christmas! You can use these ideas for birthdays, Valentine's day, Mother's and Father's Day, bridal showers...any holiday or special occasion you can think of!